InterSystems has been chosen as the data technology supplier by eConsult.

The capabilities of the InterSystems IRIS for Health platform will be used by eConsult Health to increase the deployment of two of its cutting-edge products, eConsult and eTriage, as part of this new agreement.

More than 3,330 GP surgeries use eConsult, which has enabled physicians and patients to complete over 20 million online consultations. It allows people to electronically report their symptoms or requests to their own GP and provides round-the-clock NHS self-help material and a symptom checker. With the recent acquisition of Q doctor by eConsult Health, these digital triage capabilities will be combined with video, telephony, and SMS.

The eTriage system, developed by emergency care doctors, is deployed on a bank of tablets that check-in and prioritise patients as they arrive in an emergency department or urgent treatment centre. The technology detects the sickest patients sooner, lowering wait times and enhancing the patient experience. Each patient provides a brief history and is prioritised.


eConsult Health chose InterSystems as its partner to ensure that its products are completely compatible with NHS IT systems as it grows. InterSystems IRIS for Health is designed primarily to ease the integration of proprietary data with existing masses of clinical data, achieving complete compliance with mandated data standards such as HL7 V2 and Fast Health Interoperability Standards (FHIR). Importantly, cloud-based implementation support allows InterSystems IRIS for Health to completely connect with eConsult Health’s AWS Cloud deployment.

“Choosing InterSystems as our interoperability partner to help power our expansion was a simple decision,” said Rex Cooper, chief technology officer of eConsult Health. InterSystems IRIS for Health is incredibly powerful, proven, and completely acknowledged by the NHS, and the InterSystems team brings with them a lot of expertise in NHS situations, which is critical for us. This choice will free up our staff, allowing them to focus entirely on their work.


InterSystems managing director Chris Norton remarked, “We take great delight in our new cooperation with eConsult Health and how we will assist their future objectives.” While we handle all of the fundamental data requirements for healthcare ecosystem participation, eConsult Health can focus on what makes it a market leader: using digital innovation to improve patient journeys and optimise how doctors and clinicians use their valuable time in both primary and emergency care.”

InterSystems IRIS for Health is a cloud-based data platform that can be deployed on all major public clouds and supports multi-cloud and hybrid setups.